Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Use (the "Terms") is a service advertised on this website by Travel Ouensha Co., Ltd. (the "Company"). the terms and conditions of use. Registered users (hereinafter called "Users") You will be charged with using the Service in accordance with these Terms of Use.

Article 1 (Applicable)

These Terms shall apply to all relationships between you and the Company regarding the use of the Services.

Article 2 (Registration of Use)

  1. In this service, the person who wishes to register agrees to these Terms of Use, applys for the use registration by the method specified by the Company, and the use registration is completed by the Company's approval of this.
  2. When the registration of use pursud in paragraph 2 is completed, a usage agreement (hereinafter called "Agreement") has been established between the applicant of the use registration and the Company in line with this Agreement, and the applicant for the registration of use shall be obliged under these Terms as a user.
  3. If the Company determines that the applicant for the use registration has the following reasons, the Company may not approve the application for the use registration, and shall not be obligated to disclose the reason at all.
    1. When you report a false matter when you apply for registration
    2. If it is an application from a person who has violated these Terms
    3. If the Company determines that the company is registering by unauthorized means
    4. In addition, if the Company determines that the registration of use is not appropriate

Article 3 (Prohibitions)

Users must not perform any of the following acts when using the Service:

  1. Acts that violate laws and regulations or public order and morals
  2. Criminal acts or related acts
  3. Acts that infringe copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights contained in the Service, such as the contents of the Service.
  4. To destroy or interfere with the functionality of our company, other users or other third-party servers or networks;
  5. The act of commercially using the information obtained by the Service
  6. Acts that interfere with or are likely to interfere with the operation of the Company's services
  7. the act of unauthorized access or attempting to do so
  8. Acts of collecting or accumulating personal information, etc. about other users
  9. Use of the Service for fraudulent purposes
  10. Acts that cause disadvantage, damage, or discomfort to other users of the Service or other third party;
  11. The act of becoming another user
  12. Advertising, advertising, solicitation, or commercial activity on the Services not granted by the Company
  13. Acts intended to meet people of the opposite sex that you do not know, or acts that promote such activities as mediation, mediation, or mediation.
  14. Providing direct or indirect benefits to anti-social forces in connection with the Company's services;
  15. Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

Article 4 (Suspension of Provision of the Service, etc.)

  1. The Company may suspend or suspend the provision of the Service in whole or in part without prior notice to the User if it is determined that there are any of the following reasons:
    1. When performing maintenance, inspection, or updating of the computer system for this service
    2. When it becomes difficult to provide this service due to force mas force such as an earthquake, lightning strike, fire, power outage, or natural disaster
    3. When a computer or communication line, etc. is stopped due to an accident
    4. In addition, if the Company deems it difficult to provide the Service
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage suffered by the User or any third party as a result of the suspension or suspension of the provision of the Service.

Article 5 (Restrictions on Use and Cancellation of Registration)

  1. The Company may restrict the use of the Service in whole or in part to the User or cancel the registration as a User without prior notice if the User:
    1. In the event of a violation of any provision of these Terms
    2. If it is found that there is a false fact in the registered matter
    3. If you do not use the Service for a certain period of time from the last use
    4. In addition, if the Company deems that the use of the Service is not appropriate.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by users as a result of acts performed by the Company in accordance with this Article.

Article 6 (Repudiation and Disclaimer of Warranty)

  1. The Services include virtually or legal defects (including safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, fitness for a particular purpose, security defects, errors, bugs, infringements, etc.) we do not explicitly or implicitly guarantee that there will be no
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by users as a result of the Service. However, the agreement between the Company and the User with respect to the Service (including these Terms) In the case of a consumer contract stipulated in the Consumer Contract Act, this disclaimer does not apply.
  3. Even in the case specified in the adnomisa of the previous paragraph, the Company shall not be negligent (excluding gross negligence) of the Company. Any damages incurred by the User due to default or tort due to default or tort caused by special circumstances (including cases where the Company or the User foresees or can foresee damages). We are not responsible for any
  4. The Company is not responsible for the user's use of the Service.
  5. The Company shall not be responsible for any transactions, contacts or disputes a resulting between the User and other users or third party with regard to the Service.

Article 7 (Change of Service Content, etc.)

The Company may change the contents of the Service or discontinue the service without notifying the User, and shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the User as a result.

Article 8 (Change of Terms of Use)

The Company may change these Terms at any time without notifying the User if it deems it necessary. In addition, if the user starts using the Service after the change of these Terms, the user shall be deemed to have agreed to the changed terms.

Article 9 (Handling of Personal Information)

The Company shall handle personal information acquired through the use of the Service appropriately in accordance with the Company's "Privacy Policy".

Article 10 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations)

The User may not transfer or secure the Company's status under the Terms of Use or the rights or obligations under these Terms to a third party without the prior written consent of the Company.

Article 11 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

  1. When interpreting these Terms, the laws of Japan shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  2. In the case of a dispute with regard to the Service, the court jurisdiction located in the Company's location shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Effective November 1, 2020