Company Outline

When you're tired, when you're sad… Then let's go on a journey!

I'm sure you'll be fine.

When you're happy, when you're sad… Then let's go on a journey!

Travel Support company will support you.

Our staff with more than 20 years of experience and experience in ticket sales will respond to your consent. We will strive
to connect our trust with our motto of our customers first, without being passed away by the times
. We are looking forward to your reservation.

Since establishing a travel agency-based company in Kyoto in 1998, we have been planning and arranging countless wonderful journeys that color the lives of our customers. Today,
travel methods are changing and diversifying, and fierce competition in the tourism industry continues. However, we are working hard to create a travel plan that can meet your needs every day, such as flights, hotel reservations, pick-up and drop-off arrangements, and local guide arrangements. We started with a travel a
gency and now run language classes and guest house accommodation. Our main business is traveling in Japan, where we arrange cheap flights around the world, provide business interpretation and translation services, sell packages from major travel agencies, and arrange and plan travel information, accommodations, transportation, etc. In add
ition, we operate accommodation facilities in the Gion area and around Kyoto Station, and we also run language classes in Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Mongolian, etc.

Corporate philosophy

We will help you realize your dreams, love the warm hospitality that has always been supported by the world and our expert skills as a tourism industry, further enhance the capabilities of our tourism service business, and contribute to societ
y. We will do our best for the Kyoto tourism industry.


We will create an innovative and attractive company by creating a tourism industry in Kyoto with a new style of travel industry.


We take pride in this service industry in good faith and strive to earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers.


We strive to improve quality. And we strive to provide better service to meet the needs of our customers.

Corporate Philosophy

1. United ma
nagers and employees unite their hearts and contribute to the management of the company.

Each and ever
y employee responsible works hard in their daily work with a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission.

1. Unde
rstand each other's positions and deepen internal communication.

About Us

Name of the company

Travel Ounsha Co., Ltd. Travel Ounsha Co., Ltd., Ltd.


606-8111 Takano izumi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto 6-5




Kaoru Hagiwara


January 22, 1998


7 million yen

Registered as a travel agency

Kyoto Governor'錄 3-444