3 Things To Know About Sightseeing in Kyoto

When you go sightseeing in Kyoto for the first time, there are some good d
eals to know. Here are three things you can know about Kyoto sightseeing.

How to use free Wi-Fi in Kyoto

It is said that free Wi-Fi that can be used freely is less in Japan than in Europe an

d the United States. However, Kyoto has many free Wi-Fi spots, and it is said to be a free Wi-Fi heave
n. In Addition to fast food and cafes, which are now commonplace as free Wi-Fi spots in Kyoto, free Wi-Fi spots have also been developed at stations, bus stops, and tourist attractions. In particular
, you’ll find free Wi-Fi easily, as there’s a lot of free Wi-Fi flying around Gion, which is popular with tourists. In fact, kyoto has a free Wi-Fi

service that is maintained by the city, and you can use it for free 24 hours a day. Since it can be used in various places such as
municipal subways, hotels, convenience stores, etc., if there are any spots that can be used, let’s authenticate by e-mail or SNS. Please n
ote that municipal subways, city bus stops, and public facilities must be certified every 30 minutes.

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In addition, it can not be used at the city bus stop from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., so use i

t around convenience stores during this time. Here, we wil
l introduce how to use KYOTO Wi-Fi. Select kyoto Wi-Fi SSID, start the browser, and authe
nticate by email or SNS. When you enter your email address, you will receive an email from KYOTO Wi-Fi to the email address you entered, so you can use free Wi-Fi by clicking on the link wr
itten in the email. Note that you need to authenticate yo

ur email within 5 minutes. When it’s social media, login is on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo! You can log
in with your Japan ID. Enter your SNS ID and password to use free Wi-Fi.

How to avoid the crowds in Kyoto

The image of Kyoto is that it is very crowded, but in fact, you can avoid the crowd if you choose the place and time o
f year. Here are some ways to avoid the crowds in Kyoto.

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When it’s crowded and when it’s not crowded

When it is crowded, it is still the time of cherry blossoms and
autumn leaves. During the cherry blossom season, events such as special exhibitions of cherry blossoms begin around March 22 every year, so many shrines and temples are crow
ded from around this time. However, it is not so crowded unexpectedly if the time is early for one to two weeks, and it is about the mi
ddle of March. At this time, for example, you can enjoy plum blossoms of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, which is different fro

m cherry blossoms. On the other hand, the coldest February and the hottest August in Kyoto
will not be crowded. As for the cold, it is not necessary to worry if it is properly cold, but it is necessary to pay attention to heat heat about the heat.
When sightseeing at temples and shrines, it is also recommended to rest frequently at a coffee shop.

move early in the morning

For example, around 6:00 a.m., you can visit the Kyoto Imperial Palace and Heian Jingu Shrine, where entrance fees are not required, and then return to your hotel. It m
ay be a little difficult to get up early in the morning, but the air is pleasant early in the morning, and there are many good things such as a quiet atmosphere because there are not so many people.

“City bus and Kyoto bus one-day ticket card” where you can sightseeing in Kyoto at a great deal

The “City Bus/ Kyoto Bus 1-Day Pass Card” is a great-money card that allows you to get on and off the city bus and kyoto bus in a uniform sec

tion as many times as you like in a day. There are many tourist shrines and temples in Kyoto, but you can get to mos
t of them by local bus. Most areas are city buses and Kyoto buses are 230 yen, so it is better to use this card when riding within a uniform fare section

more than 3 times. In addition, when using this card, you can receive a benefit at
all facilities in Kyoto City. Here’s how to use this card.

The picture is an image.

When you buy a card, pass it through the reading machine when you get off the bus you first too
k. From the second time, it is OK to show the driver the effective date written on the card when ge
tting off the bus. In a numbered ticket car, you must pass the card through the reading machine when you get o
n and off the bus. You can take the bus as many times as you

like on the day. When you buy it, the card doesn’t have a date, so you can buy it in front of you and use it on oth
er days. If you take a bus across a uniform section, the fare will be charg
ed separately. Therefore, let’s check in advance whether the place you want to go is a uniform section.


Three things you can find out about Sightseeing in Kyoto are how to use free Wi-Fi in Kyoto, how to avoid the crowds in Kyoto, and the “City Bus/ Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass Card” where you can enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto at a great deal.